The Relationship Between Flowers and Happiness

When we lose a loved one we are often showered with gorgeous flower arrangements by our friends and family. This might seem like a small gesture, or even merely a social obligation, but gifting flowers to those who are grieving actually puts a whole new spin on Flower Power. Studies have shown that flowers have healing powers. No, this isn’t some form of ancient magic. It’s science!


A Guide to Expertly Pressing Flowers

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Flowers don’t last forever and will eventually wilt. There, you heard it, straight from your local Salt Lake City florist. However, just because a flower won’t live forever, doesn’t mean their only fate is to be thrown in the trash when they start to die. At Brown Floral, we love the idea of preserving the beauty of flowers for as long as possible.


Bee-Friendly Flowers


Flowers and bees go hand in hand. No, this doesn’t mean that your delivery from Brown Floral will contain a handful of bees – we promise! But bees and flowers share a symbiotic relationship that help each other thrive. Here’s how it all goes down: Bees fly from flower to flower to gather nectar to make honey. When they land on a flower, pollen gets stuck to the tiny hairs on their bodies. This pollen then gets deposited onto the next flower they visit, pollinating the flower and allowing it to reproduce, which means for flowers for bees, and so forth.


6 Ways You Are Killing Your Succulents

Admit it, we are all guilty of doing it at one point or another… involuntary plant-slaughter. You buy some low maintenance plants that not even the brownest thumb could kill, pot them with only the purist of intentions, and then GASP! How could this be?! You managed to kill a plant that almost is not even capable of being killed. Take heart friends, we are here to show you the error of your ways, and paint that thumb green after all.

How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day Bouquet for Everyone You Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (Tuesday, to be exact), meaning you don’t have much time to waste when it comes to picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for everyone you love. But it’s not just your significant other you need to shop for –– there are moms, sisters, best friends, and coworkers who deserve to feel special, too. So this year, don’t resort to the picked over candy aisle at the grocery store or one of those sad, generic Hallmark cards. Instead, choose a personalized “I love you” that is sure to put a smile on all of your Valentines’ faces.

Here’s how to step up your gift giving game with the most classic Valentine’s gift of all – flowers.

Step 1: Make Your List

While impressing your spouse or girlfriend is important, don’t forget to think of all of the other people in your life that you love, too. Of course your mom and grandma deserve something special, but also consider doing a little something extra for those people you might not have immediately thought of, such as your boss (no faster way to get that promotion!), your best friend (Galentine’s Day is the 13th!), and your dad (men like flowers, too!).

Step 2: Pick the Perfect Arrangement

Flowers have meanings, so consider your relationship with each person you’re shopping for. Fortunately, Brown Floral makes it easy to pick out the perfect arrangement for each person with our careful curated selection of Valentine’s Day bouquets.

For your love…

Your spouse or significant other will love this stunning arrangement of 3 dozen red roses. Arrange to have your bouquet sent to their office for even more wow factor.

For mom…

Pink roses mean “gratitude,” making this beautiful arrangement perfect for your mom or grandma. It’s the ultimate way to say “I love you” and “thank you for everything” at the same time.

For your sister or friend…

Best friends and sisters will love this whimsical and colorful arrangement that they can enjoy long past Valentine’s Day. This bouquet is also a fun way to say “I appreciate you” to that great boss in your life.

Step 3: Order on Time

You don’t want to be that guy who runs into the flower shop at 5 pm on Valentine’s Day and gets stuck with a bunch of wilted orchids because that’s all that was left. Order your Valentine’s Day bouquets early this year and rest easy knowing they’ll be delivered on time, without the last-minute panicking.

Step 4: Have the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

When your Valentine receives their beautiful, personalized bouquet, you’ll become the hero of the day, and you’ll feel great knowing that everyone you love knows you care. Now pour yourself a glass of wine – you’ve just mastered Valentine’s Day.

P.S. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only big holiday you can get a head start on this year. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, and Brown Floral is already taking orders!